Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog #5: Emerging Technologies 2

For my second emerging technologies assignment I decided to make learn how to use a surveying website to create my very own survey. The website that I used is called SurveyMonkey. This website allows the user to create a survey very easily and then either post it a popup of the survey on their own website or create a link to share the survey through email or on something such as a blog without having a popup. The link to my very short and simple survey is below.

The user can create all different kinds of survey such as a multiple choice survey or like mine a short answer type of survey. This website would be useful in a school to collect information from teachers about different things going on in the school. It could also be used to send out to parents at the end of the year to get feedback on how they think that the school year went and any changes that the teacher could make.

Learning how to use this technology was very simple. After going to the website the user creates an account and then their are step- by- step instructions on how to create the survey and then post it to your own website. I think that this site was very user friendly and could be used by anyone.

1. Change the theme of your survey to make it more personal.
2. Create an appealing title to your survey to help convince people to take your survey.
3. Try out all the different types of surveys to decide what type would best suit the information you are trying to get out of your survey.

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  1. I did surveying also for my emerging technology! Survey monkey looks cool but I went with polldaddy.